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Television production galleries

have many monitors that are used

for exposure and colour checking of

the output of studio and outside

broadcast cameras.

All the monitors should be the same

Illumination level and Colour

Temperature, even if they are of

differing types or manufacturer.

There are expensive measuring tools to help achieve this, but they are also complicated to use, slow and unwieldy.

iPLUGE aims to simplify this process and reduce the cost significantly.

For further information you can download the manual HERE.

iPLUGE is a small self contained RGB colour meter which uses the standard PLUGE signal (or white bar on colour bars) to give an instant readout of Lux and Colour Temperature, as well as the CIE x and y coordinates.

Colour matching across different screen types is easy as iPLUGE has calibrated settings for OLED, LCD and CRT screens.